Weekend Birthday Parties Are Back For 2018!

Saturday/Sunday Times:  10:30AM-12:30PM, 1PM-3PM, 3:30PM-5:30PM and 6PM-8PM.           Friday Night Parties:  6PM-8PM

(Please bring FLASHLIGHTS for one-acre maze if party is from 6PM-8PM)

Parties scheduled between the hours of 10:30AM-5:30PM require a minimum of 20 with maximum of 30 participants.  *Evening Parties (6PM-8PM) when farm is closed to general public MUST have minimum of 20 with maximum of 50.  

                    What's including in your birthday party:

 One-Acre Corn Maze:  "Jack And The Cornstalk" Theme   

 Petting Zoo (Feed The Animals)  

  Corn Building (Loose Corn With Toys)    

 Hayride To Pumpkin Patch    

 Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Private Party Area (seating for up to 30 guests). 

*Evening Parties from 6PM-8PM (seating for up to 50 guests)

COST:  $10/Person {minimum of 20 guests ($200)} for parties scheduled between 10:30AM-5:30PM Saturdays/Sundays.  $15/person {minimum of 20 guests ($300)} for parties scheduled after business hours from 6PM-8PM on Friday/Saturday evenings.  Parties scheduled at 6PM will be completely private due to farm being closed to the general public.  *Infants are FREE (children who are not of walking age).  All other guests must pay.


-Parites start on time.  If guests are late, they may miss the hayride to the pumpkin patch and they will have to wait at the party area until the hayride returns.  There is NO WAY to get them out to the group if they are late!  PLEASE make sure your guests are aware of this vital piece of information.

-Please have a back up plan in case it rains.  We cannot control the weather and all activities take place outdoors.  Ex:  Please meet at Chuck E. Cheese if raining for games and pizza.  Others have picked up pumpkins at the farm and had a pumpkin decorating party with fall games at their home or a movie and McDonalds.   Just some ideas.  Please have a Plan B.  We can try to reschedule....last weekend in October is usually available for rain dates.  You DO NOT pay for party if it is cancelled due to rain.

-You may bring themed tableware along with snacks, cake, cupcakes, goodie bags and beverages.  Feel free to order pizza from a local Pizzeria.  Please remember, we DO NOT have refrigeration for party items.

-For 6PM Parties:  Hayride departs for the pumpkin patch at 6PM sharp.  Late arrivals will miss it and there will not be any way they will be able to catch up to party until hayride arrives back at party area.  PLEASE be on time and make sure ALL GUESTS arrive on time.  It starts to get dark and pumpkins need to be picked before dark to ensure the safety of our guests while walking amongst all the pumpkin vines.  

Please contact Trudy Unangst at 610-837-7531 or unangsttreefarm@gmail.com to schedule your Special Birthday Party Celebration or Group Event!

                                    Private Pumpkin Patch For Our Younger Birthday Party Guests.

                                    Private Pumpkin Patch For Our Younger Birthday Party Guests.