The owners and staff at Unangst Tree Farms LOVE our 4-legged visitors, but we have been having increased issues every year.  2016 was a year full of several dog issues.  The number one issue was customers not cleaning up after their 4-legged children.  We used 2017 as a year to make some changes and educate guests on our dog policy.  We saw HUGE improvements and thank each and every one of our dog owners for stepping up to the plate during our 2017 Season and keeping our farm clean from dog waste.  Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times. We would greatly appreciate if you could please treat our property the same way you would want us to treat your property.  Please clean up after your dog.  We have had an increased number of  complaints about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs and than customers are accidentally dragging their Christmas Tree through the dog waste.  We have seen customers allow their dogs to urinate on pre-cut trees and on customer trees that have already been cut down, this does not make for a joyful experience.  Unangst Tree Farm employees have stepped in dog feces around our pre-cut selling area and out in the fields where thousands of customers go to cut down their perfect Christmas Tree.  When the owners assessed the fields after the 2016 Christmas Season they found numerous bags of dog waste hidden under trees.  PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and clean up and properly dispose of your doggie waste.   We LOVE your 4-legged children and we want them to have the opportunity to explore the sites and smells of the farm, but we NEED your help in cleaning up after YOUR children.  We will continue to have a trash receptacle at each tractor/wagon pick-up area; as well as, all cashier areas for your convenience.  We thank you in advance for respecting the cleanliness of our property!  Hoping 2018 will be another fabulous clean up year!