• Indian Corn has a hard outer shell and kernels with a large array of colors.  Today many people use this to decorate their homes.
  • Field Corn is used to feed livestock.  It is also the main kind of corn used when making industrial products and various foods.  It can be either white or yellow.
  • Sweet Corn is often eaten on the cob or it can be canned or frozen.  Sweet corn gets its name because it contains more sugar than other types of corn.  it is seldom processed into flour or feed.
  • Popcorn is ever so yummy!  all the popcorn that is sold at the Movie Theaters is grown out in a farmer's field on stalks of corn.  Stop by UNANGST TREE FARMS to pick up some popcorn for your family movie night!


Use your popcorn for indoor decorations during the fall season.  Popcorn needs to dry out for a few weeks before using.  Once dry, take corn off cob.  Put thin layer of oil in pan followed by a single layer of popcorn.  You do NOT submerge popcorn in oil.  Put heat on medium with lid on pan.  Once it begins to pop, shake pan a few times each minute until popping subsides.  We like to melt some butter and add sugar for a kettle corn taste.  Get creative with your toppings (Pinterest) and ENJOY!

  • Broom Corn resembles tall grass that forms a majestic fan shaped seed head; instead of, ears of corn.  Broom corn is an ornamental plant that can be made into many useful items.  It has many colorful seeds and strong stems that make it easy to use in many different craft projects. If you have a broom in your home…..it is made from broom corn.  The farmer actually grows your broom.