We specialize in Creating Family Memories that will last a Lifetime!  We look forward to your visit this Christmas Season!  We have a lovely selection of cut-your-own and pre-cut trees.  Our pre-cut selection has grown due to harvesting trees from our Monroe County property.  This property is strictly for growing trees so you will find a lovely selection of different types and sizes.  There's some BIG trees on those pre-cut racks.  Please check out our Christmas Pages for all details!



                            "AGRICULTURE is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man."
                                                                           - George Washington

We dedicate our 2016 Tree Season in Memory of Brent A.R. Heintzelman (October 1, 1993 - July 16, 2016) who was like a son to the Unangst Family.  We miss you tremendously, especially during this time of year.  Thanks for all the years you helped us out on the farm and for all the other cherished memories we created together.  ALWAYS in our HEARTS, NEVER forgotten!  We LOVE you!